Trainer Joe

About Joe- Owner

Hello Friends!

It is my pleasure to serve you and the Wealth of Health!   I am excited about the opportunity to help you help yourself mentally, physically, spirituality, emotionally-utilizing a proven system with quality sustainable results.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. Namaste

Trainer Chad

About Chad

Trainer Chad was fortunate enough to grow up on the Air Force Academy in CO Springs where he participated in a variety of sports as a child. In high school, Chad dedicated himself to soccer and tennis and received a college scholarship to play both at the collegiate level. Post college, he became a professional golf instructor and certified personal trainer. Chad’s passion for fitness helps motivate and encourages individuals of all levels of fitness to lead healthier, happier lives.

Trainer Michelle

About Michelle

Trainer Michelle is a certified personal trainer and a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine. She incorporates her knowledge of the body through playing sports and medical experience to help clients get the most from their training. Michelle wants to support her clients on their journey to achieving their lifestyle and fitness goals.

Trainer Iggy

About Iggy

Trainer Iggy is a certified trainer looking to pass on his knowledge and passion of fitness to others.  Being a former collegiate D2 baseball player and played professionally in Venezuela, he looks for helping clients live a healthier life both physically and mentally by building their strength, speed, and agility!

Trainer Kalvin

About Kalvin

Trainer Kalvin has been helping clients achieve their goals for over a decade.  As a professional fitness coach and personal trainer, he has helped everyone from professional athletes to people who have never stepped foot into a gym, and everyone in between. With a childhood background as a national shotokan karate champion, competitive boxer and league champion wrestler, Kalvin was able to learn the mental and physical benefits of fitness and translate them in a way that fits any lifestyle. Now as a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, his passion is to introduce people to a fitness journey that is SUSTAINABLE and integrates seamlessly with their schedule!